Tranny Guide Copenhagen

by Veronica
Created first time October 2003
Latest update August 8, 2018
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1. Copenhagen Tranny Guide Map
2. Internet Chat Rooms
3. Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubbing

4. Fetish Parties & Festivals
5. Makeover
6. Shopping

7. Hotels
8. Bed & Breakfast
9. Movies & Sex Clubs & Cruising

References and links:

Tranny Life in Copenhagen
TiD Transvestitforeningen i Danmark

Boyfriend Community Portal

Alt om København (Visiting Copenhagen)
Copenhagen Gay Life
Out-and-About online guide

Homotropolis events & city guide guide to Copenhagen this week (Swedish)
IBYEN.DK excellent city guide

The Copenhagen Tourist office for VisitCopenhagen at Vesterbrogade 4A

The map of Copenhagen at Krak where you can do search for street addresses and also search for persons/companies by name or telephone number. This is a nice tool for doing outcalls safer. Same service for Norway is and for Sweden

1. Copenhagen Tranny Guide Map

Use this Google Map link (mobiles choose browser display) or enter full screen mode on the embedded map to view all map features with all shops, clubs and hotels on this web page.

Map label colors:
Yellow = Bars, Restaurants & Night Clubs
Blue = Shopping & Makeover
Green = Hotels
Red = Movies & Sex Clubs & Cruising

The map on some older mobile devices is not acceptable. More work for Google to fix this issue.Those mobile users should use the map link above.

Number of map views until February 27, 2017: 26.913

2. Internet Chat Rooms


Scor is a membership portal for adult contacts, where you must register also for limited access. Scor has many chat rooms including the TS/TV Chat. For full access to all of the Scor portal resources you must also pay a registration fee valid either for one or three months or one year.

TransDating Chat where a registered account is also required.

3. Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubbing

Centralhjørnet Kattesundet 18    Daily 12:00 - 02:00

Might be the oldest gay bar in the world, but has a most joyous atmosphere. If not shy you’ll meet new friends immediately! Trannies are very welcome at Centralhjørnet and there are Drag shows some Thursdays, see Kalender.

Cosy Bar Studiestræde 24   Fri Sat 22:00 - 08:00 Other - 06:00
Cosy Bar at Facebook

One of the most popular late night gay bars with a small dance floor with a big nice mirror on the wall. Cosy Bar has been one of the most popular 'waterholes' in the gay community for decades, and Trannies and Drag Queens have always been a big part of the game. Want a good night out, try Cosy Bar.

Jail House Studiestræde 12

Visit this great restaurant and bar in Copenhagen next time you go there -
you are welcome to show up in all your gear! They love it!

Downstairs Bar: Fri Sat 11:00 - 05:00 Other days 11:00 - 02:00
Only jail-bar in Copenhagen. Cosy and friendly atmosphere.
Bartenders in uniform.

Upstairs restaurant: Thurs - Sat 18:00 - 24:00
Quiet and cosy atmosphere. Good food, mainly from the Danish kitchen.
Waiters in uniform.

Café Intime Allégade 25      Daily 17:00 - 02:00
Café Intime at Facebook

Old-fashioned gay/mixed piano bar. Trannies often drop by and are a most welcome part of the crowd. The new ownership on Café Intime keeps up the tradition having live music during the evenings. Fellow musicians or even guests are often invited to join the sessions. If you have a good jazz feeling you might be the next guest star at Café Intime.

Masken Bar o Café Studiestræde 33     Daily 14:00 - 03:00  (WE 05:00)

A perfect place for quiet conversations and a few beer. The atmosphere is nice. Popular bar for gay men and lesbians.

Never Mind Nørre Voldgade 2    Daily 22:00 - 06:00

A most friendly, relaxed gay bar with a small dance floor.
Trannies are very welcome to Never Mind all evenings.
Dress code: All's possible.

Oscar Bar & Café Regnbuepladsen 7 (at corner of Farvergade)    Daily 12:00 - 02:00

Oscar bar café is Copenhagen's new place for gays and lesbians. At Oscar's you can have classic café food, coffe brewed with love, friendly service, cool cocktails and a steady stream of chilled draft Danish beer ...

G*A*Y Copenhagen Vester Voldgade 10     Thurs to Sat 16:00 - (03:00) 05:00

Crowded cosy bar after midnight with happy Thursday low prices.

Kiss Kiss Gay Club Studiestræde 41     16:00 - (24:00) 07:00

After your dinner Kiss Kiss Gay Club offer you a nice cup of coffee with big selection of a Vecs and Cocktails, accompanied with the hottest Hits and you may also ask for your favorite song.

DRAGHOUSE CPH Enghavevej 40     21:00 - 01:00

The DRAGHOUSE mission is to revitalize the drag scene in Denmark and to put on one hell of a show - time and time again.

My Fair Ladies Mikkel Bryggers Gade 11     12:00 - 03:00 (WE 09:00)
Facebook myfairladiescph

My Fair Ladies is Copenhagen's only music bar and open every single day. There are regular events, shows and concerts. Happy hour always before 18:00.

4. Fetish Parties & Festivals

ManiFest Fetish Club Copenhagen

Monthly Fetish-Club which often arrange Genderbender parties with focus on TV, TS, TG, & Drag. Check out their web site for further information's on the fetish scene and their events calender and membership details.

Copenhagen Burlesque

Copenhagen Burlesque is a playful performing arts and costume party
- a magnificent playground of the outlandish and bizarre.
Copenhagen Burlesque is first and foremost a dress-up party.
If you love costumes and dressing up, this is where you want to be!
Show us all you got, you cannot possibly be overdressed.

Copenhagen Pride

Copenhagen Winter Pride Party

The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten)

Kinky Salon

Kinky Salon Copenhagen is an arty, playful, fun, sex positive costume party.

5. Makeover

Boutique Isabel Frederiksberg (You book an appointment by tel/sms/mail)
Boutique Isabel at Facebook.

The old webshop and the makeover site are being moved to a new hosting site.
Boutique Isabel is reopened in Copenhagen including the one and only tranny makeover service in Scandinavia: Salon Isabel. Now also makeup for city tour.

6. Shopping

Kryolan City Studiestræde 25A new shop opened in August 2016
Kryolan City Copenhagen Facebook

The very best makeup products for trannies like TV Paint Stick for hiding your beard bottom. I prefer also Kryolan lashes and dark red Kryolan lipsticks too.

Giant shoes Søborg Hovedgade 78, 2860 Søborg

Giant Shoes is a shoe store in Søborg, which exclusively sells women's shoes and men's shoes in large sizes. Women's sizes 42 - 46 (47)

Femme Fatale Shop at Studiestræde 18 closed June 16, 2015

A Tranny friendly lingerie web shop where you can find pure nylon stockings and other high quality brands like Axfords, Vollers, Gio, Wolford, Cette, Falke and Vivendi.

CJ Fashion Vesterbrogade 83 closed February 20, 2014

Fetish Fashion Denmark
Shop at Gasværksvej 4B closed April 25, 2013 incl webshop

SM Shop Studiestræde 12

Latexa Shopping Shop at Bagerstræde 2 closed May 16 2013

Latex internet shopping site with many links.

Lust Mikkel Bryggersgade 3A

All women run sex & fetish shop with a softer approach than most. Magazines, videos, stockings, corsets, skirts, dresses, gifts and a wide range of adult toys. Trannies are welcome.

Paradis Gammel Kongevej 95

You'll find this big and fashionable fetish shop placed on one of the busiest shopping streets in town. Fetish clothes, sexy lingerie and adult toys. Friendly atmosphere. Trannies welcome.

Emma Lingeri Gammel Kongevej 107

Beautiful lingerie, stockings and bridal wear. Trannies most welcome.

Pehrsson Sko Vesterbrogade 31

No more large size High Heels for Trannies at Pehrsson Sko. Owner says that there is nobody asking for these shoes any more. He could show me a remaining pair of shoes with 18 cm heels in size 44.


Here you will find all the makeup a Tranny might need.

Pierre Patrick - Unique Clothing Studiestræde 27-29

A lot of sexy fetish clothes and and shoes.
CLOSED. Moved to a new address??

7. Hotels

Reservations online can be made for most of the hotels via this Hotel Portal for all of Denmark.

An apartment might be a good solution for your visit too. is also always uptodate and a good source for available hotels.

Note that "free WiFi" at most 3 star hotels is equal to one shared 10 Mbit/sec internet connection for all rooms ie during evenings the WiFi is very slow like the old modem connections.

Some of the hotels, in the area called "Tivoli/Central Station", which I have found Tranny friendly are:

Absalon Hotel & Absalon Annex Helgolandsgade 15

Zleep Hotel Helgolandsgade 14

First Hotel Mayfair Helgolandsgade 3

Grand Hotel Vesterbrogade 9

Andersen Hotel Helgolandsgade 12

Hotel Imperial Vester Farimagsgade 9

Mercur Hotel Vester Farimagsgade 17

Richmond Hotel Vester Farimagsgade 33

Best Western Hotel Hebron Helgolandsgade 4

Other locations:

Hotel Windsor Frederiksborggade 30

Scandic Hotel Sydhavnen Sydhavns Plads 15

8. Bed & Breakfast

ebab/Copenhagen Enjoy Bed and Breakfast, the Gay Lesbian Private Accommodation Agency

Dansk Bed & Breakfast with more than 80 hosts in the Copenhagen area

9. Movies & Sex Clubs & Cruising

If you're a little on the wild side try out these places.
Anything goes, and Trannies are most attracted.
Just remember this is the real thing and you're the one to set the rules!

Swinger Dating with the club

Adam og Eva at Skjulhøj Allé 8 B in Vanløse in bankruptcy.

Body Bio Kingosgade 7     Daily 12:00 - 01:00

Two Movies - Cabins & Darkrooms - One Sling - Many Glory Holes - Small Sauna - Two Showers - Relax Room - Excellent Cruising Area - Free Coffee - Four Internet PC's to be used for free.

Mixed gay and bisexual male guests and everybodys entrance fee is 60 Dkr and be prepared to give a deposit of 50 Dkr for a locker and additional fee for a bath towel ie sauna fee.

Note this club is located in the cellar to the left of the entrance to Kingosgade 7 and there is no large sign outsíde of their door. See the Google streetview picture.

LookyLooky Randersgade 49      CLOSED 2017

Club 56 Dybbølsgade 56       Daily 12:00 - 02:00 (Sun 24:00)

Small and friendly mixed sex club with cosy atmosphere.

Movie rooms with sofas or beds - Cabins - Darkroom - Glory Holes - Small Sauna - Shower. No entrance fee for Trannies.

CitySwingers2 (XXDark) Godsbanegade 20       Daily 10:00 - 01:00 (WE 04:00)

Movies - Cabins & Darkrooms - Glory Holes - Cruising Area - Internet for free
Many trannies have signed up for free on their home page.
At Thursdays there might be the event "She-male, Trans & Cross-dresser".
Site is overall very dirty.
XXDark is equal to XXDirty.
Not recommended for any glamorous Trannies.

CitySwingers Øresundsvej 55

Cruising in Ørstedsparken

After sunset cruising around the bridge in the middle of the Ørstedspark you might find both tranny admirers and gay people and sometimes also police.
This park is close to Never Mind and also to the bars at Studiestræde.

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